Meet Campus Pastor: Daniel Stidham

Daniel Stidham is the proud husband of Megan Stidham and is a soon-to-be father of a daughter who is yet to be named (He is open to recommendations). He was rescued by Jesus in the latter half of his High School experience and he has been under the discipleship of some incredible men whom God has used to shape him with the gospel. Daniel is acquainted with dysfunctional family dynamics but he has an even greater acquaintance with Kingdom hope.
After he graduated from the University of Houston in 2011 with a degree in Finance, God first called him to be a marketplace missionary in the banking world. After 4 years of working for JPMorgan Chase, God called him to church ministry as the Director of College ministry at First Presbyterian Church of Houston. After two years of serving campuses around Houston, Daniel was promoted to Director of Evangelism where he served for the last two years.
He will be in his last year of seminary at Western Theological Seminary. He is looking forward to finishing his last chapter of seminary while starting a new chapter of ministry in Oak Lawn. You will generally find him eating new food with new friends, organizing random people to play board games, holding deep conversations at coffee shops, or attempting to secure a firm mediocrity at most sports.

View Daniel’s blog here.