Week 1 Spring Training Recap

This week we discussed 2 Corinthians 5:14-21 to establish the following:

Our motivation as the love of Christ, our identity as ambassadors, and our call to create reconciling communities.

You can see the Powerpoint we worked through below:

Spring Training Jan 09 2019

This is a summary of some of our ideas and a first pass at a process for how we might begin reconciling communities.

Reconciling Communities Ideas and Process

Week 3 Spring Training Recap

Last wednesday we confessed and prayed according to James 5:16 and we met as ministry teams.

John Wesley Confession Guide

Week 5 Training Recap

Last Wednesday we spent time praying for specific individuals in our families, neighborhoods, places of work, and “3rd places”. We also spent time writing our stories about a time in our lives when Jesus brought healing to our lives amidst wounds or trauma. We thought through and discussed how “our wounds are the grounds of our witness” – thinking about how our wounds have shown the great power of Jesus.

Please look through what we discussed as well as some of those we were able to pray for!