Connect Group Questions

Sunday, June 3rd

Ephesians 6:1-9


1) Who was the best boss/leader you ever had and why?

2) Name some things your parents did right and a few things your parents struggled to do as parents?


3) What are the three components that Pastor Ron said makes up every relationship and relational interaction? Define each one.

4)  Define and describe the authority/obedience reality? Do you think this is God-ordained or a cultural reality? Why? And why does it matter?

5) Why is provoking anger and threats not helpful for those in authority to use? How do you feel when these “tools” are used against you?

6) What is the difference between threats and consequences? How is one damaging and the other helpful?

7) What kind of obedience is Paul after from those who are under authority? Why do you think he desires obedience to be from the depths of Christ-centered faithfulness and not just about actions?

8) How does looking to and trusting Christ help us have a flourishing inner, emotional life even when our authorities act badly?


9) Do you need to grow as a person of authority or a person of obedience? Perhaps both? What needs to change after hearing this message? Share with your group and receive prayer for the power and willingness to focus on Christ in your authority/obedience relationships.


Sunday, June, 2018

Ephesians 6:10-20

  1. (6:10-13) What is this battle being described by Paul? Who does this battle involve? Is anyone exempt?
  2. What are some ways that this battle would be waged against unbelievers? What ways would this battle be waged against believers? What are some possible goals of the enemy in the lives of unbelievers and believers?
  3. Discuss some schemes of the enemy in your life; before and after you came to Christ. What did you learn? What can you teach others through your experience?
  4. (6:14-17) Give a brief description of all the elements of the armor of God. What are some of the benefits of wearing the “whole” armor?
  5. How are some ways to access the different elements of the armor?
  6. (6:18-20) Where does prayer fit in with the armor of God? What do you believe that Paul means when he says “all prayer and supplication”.
  7. How can we apply what we learned about this spiritual battle and the armor of God in our day to day lives?